A moment to chat

Roy and I wanted to take a moment to reflect and to invite you all to the dedication this Saturday at 10am. The address is 411 West Oak St in Allerton. Here’s our message to you and many others.

Our message to you


Job well done

Mark woke up at 3am to come spray primer. Thanks to him, Jenny, Mark P and Daniel, we are all ready for paint on the walls!

The family has officially been banned from entering the home, as usual at this stage of the build. We want the final touches to be seen for the first time when they walk through at the dedication. We are getting so close!

Sunday Praise

Today we worshiped at Trinity Christian Church in rural Leon, Iowa. It’s the home church of several of our Iowa OFOP volunteers, including Tyson, who gave the communion dedication at the service.

As Roy and I sat in the truck in the church parking lot after the service, we had a time of discussion and prayer about the funds needed in the next six days. As we concluded our prayer, we realized that all around us were hills topped with cattle. The reminder didn’t fall on blind eyes, as he and I frequently quote Psalm 50:10, regarding our Father owning the cattle on a thousand hills. It gave us both a sense of peace that, as always, our Father has it covered. He had it covered long before today, even long before this ministry existed. He knew who would distribute His shares to complete the act of love He is showing this family. He knew the story would be told about how He met the need. While we do not know who holds these funds as of today, He is, and will continue to work on those who are temporary custodians of the funds. Thank you, Lord in advance of this miracle.

Have a great day of rest, brothers and sisters.