Auction collection info

We are excited about our upcoming online charitable auction this Saturday at 6pm! It’s our first online formatted auction, but we will do our best to make it as fun and easy as possible. We are excited that people can view and bid from all around the United States, which will make it easy for some long-time volunteers and donors from afar to take part in the auction for the first time.

The administrators of the online auction (Sullivan Auctioneers) have requested photos and a spread sheet of every item by Thursday afternoon. For this reason, we are now requesting that donors bring the items to the Johnson Agency or the LaHarpe Christian church by NOON THURSDAY. The Johnson Agency is open daily from 8-4:30, while the church is open from 8am-5pm daily (please leave in the foyer on or beside the welcome desk). Please do not bring the items Saturday morning. The auctioneering will not be taking place in LaHarpe, so if they are dropped off after 12pm Thursday, they may not be included in the auction.

Lastly, the online link to our auction will soon be available at Once the auction info is added to their sight, I will send out that direct link.

Thank you all for your patience, and for your continued support while we navigate through uncharted waters.

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