Remodeling takes time

This morning the volunteers made great progress considering the reduced man-power. With half the volunteer numbers of a normal new construction OFOP project, the workers are working hard and fast to assure that we stay on schedule.

The morning electrical inspection was passed (Praise God!) which allows for the drywall to start going up soon. There are a few interior walls with some work yet to be done before the sheet rock goes up. Remodeling takes time and some extra patience. The 100 year old home has experienced the usual shifting and settling, along with not-so-usual flood damage. Framing takes twice as long as new construction, but it’s moving in the right direction.

Today we are praying for God to send us a team of volunteer siding installers. We typically have around 16 on siding, but this year we are a little short of that (we will have around 6). The next two days of volunteers arriving could give us the help we need, so we are asking God to send His workers. Two layers of old siding has finally been removed thanks to some new arrivals today, so the next few days will likely be spent on siding and exterior trim work.

It’s been a great trip so far, and we are excited to witness what God has in store over these next few days.

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