Project info

In one short week, dozens of volunteers will flock to Hamburg Iowa to serve as the hands and feet of Christ. A small crew has been working the last couple of days to strip the remaining lathe and plaster walls and flooring. As we prepare the job site, we also want to prepare the volunteers to make the trip. Here is some vital information you’ll need to know.

The jobsite address is 1207 Jefferson St, Hamburg Iowa. GPS seems to work well in the area so everyone should be in good shape to find it. We will arrive on the site at about 7:30am Monday morning. For those wanting to come Sunday night, feel free to join us at our volunteer housing in Shenandoah.

The lodging is at 200 Church St, Shenandoah Iowa. The building is directly behind the Methodist Church, so look for an old multistory school building behind the church and that’ll be us!

Feel free to bring air mattresses, but they aren’t absolutely necessary, as the building is equipped with bunk beds and mattresses (no promises on comfort level). There should be plenty of room and beds, as well as a couple showers for nightly cleaning.

Meals, as always, will be provided (breakfast lunch and dinner). Parking is somewhat limited on this years sight, so please be respectful of traffic and other peoples property boundaries. Please DO NOT park in other people’s yards. We want to spread Jesus, not ruts in neighbors yards.

This years project will likely wrap up faster than years past, so come early and come often. If you’re planning on coming at the end of the second week, you may be too late. I want to be clear, however, this doesn’t mean we don’t need a lot of help early. We will. But the more people we have come help, the sooner the volunteers and family we are serving can be home to enjoy the holidays.

See you next week!

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