No pictures

As many of you know, we lovingly and gently kick the family off the jobsite once the drywall goes up. It’s a fun surprise for us to reveal the final product to the family the Saturday of dedication. So this means we have to be careful what is revealed here on the blog. I know the Morford family enjoys looking at the progress online, but sorry Ron and Nicole. You won’t find any pictures here!

What I can reveal is that the Lord has volunteers from four states on the jobsite today (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin), and they’re all here in Seymour to love on a family in the name of Jesus. It’s a beautiful thing to see how a common purpose can unite a family of believers from all walks of life and skill sets. Our growing family works together like one body, with one foot stepping, while another propels it forward. One hand strongly grips the tool, while the eyes guide its accuracy. The mouth heralds our Savior, while the arms embrace this beautiful family. A mouth, a hand, a foot–they’re all worthless without the complete body working together in harmony. There is no picture that can capture the beauty of what is happening in Seymour today, so for the first time since the first nail was driven, we’ll be visually silent today, and let our eyes gaze upon the one who saves us all.


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