Finish pics!

11 am Dedication!

It’s official! Tomorrow at 11am, the volunteers will dedicate Betty’s home! We are all so excited!


It’s really hard to say goodbye, but that time is near. The house will likely be finished later tonight, and the keys will be handed over tomorrow at 10am (or noon if we need a little extra time). The Lord has focused our minds this year on restoration. The lives of the volunteers serving are examples of the most grand restoration–restoration by the blood of Jesus. We may never fully comprehend what all he’s done here in Hamburg during the days and Shenandoah during the evenings, but we know He has done plenty, and we thank Him for letting us witness it. Thank you Jesus.

We’ll post pictures of the complete home tomorrow following the 10am dedication.

Friday update

The volunteers have made great progress. Today they continued to side and hang drywall. The first layer of mud is going on now, and another half day of siding should wrap up the exterior. Have I mentioned that renovations take time? It’s a lengthy process, but the volunteers continue to smile and praise Jesus for the renovation that has happened in their own lives. It’s a pleasure to serve a loving God.

Oh and it was also laundry day for the volunteers who have been here for a week. 😬😷


I talk a lot about the progress on the house, but I want to take a second to celebrate what happens after dark at our post-dinner discussions. Devotion time is always a very special time for us, but this year I’ve asked a few Godly men to share their testimonies (one each night) about how the Lord has brought them to where they are now, and how He continues to work in their lives. Last night was our first testimony, and if it’s any indication of how the evenings are going to go, we are in store for some powerful nights.

As I was typing this message a young man with construction experience named Dan pulled up and introduced himself to me, and told me he’s here until Friday to help out in whatever way he can be used. God has done some amazing things in the last 12 hours. Not only did Dan show up, but we also received word from about six others in all, who have decided to come in tonight and tomorrow to help for the next few days. I can’t even explain how perfect this timing was. Just as we prepare for siding and dry wall to kick off tomorrow, seven willing men respond to their God-given desire to serve. Thank you God for your perfect plan. Thank you for allowing us all to take part.