OFOP Spring fundraiser!

The LaHarpe Methodist Church will be holding a beef and noodle lunch Saturday, April 21st from 11am-1pm. All proceeds will go to ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE! We’d like to say a big thank you to those involved in the planning and preparation for this event. We hope to see you all there! You won’t regret it!



What an amazing day It’s been. A true blessing for all involved. Here are some pics of the final product.

For those of you who couldn’t make It, you can watch the dedication filmed live on our ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE Facebook page.

No pictures

As many of you know, we lovingly and gently kick the family off the jobsite once the drywall goes up. It’s a fun surprise for us to reveal the final product to the family the Saturday of dedication. So this means we have to be careful what is revealed here on the blog. I know the Morford family enjoys looking at the progress online, but sorry Ron and Nicole. You won’t find any pictures here!

What I can reveal is that the Lord has volunteers from four states on the jobsite today (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin), and they’re all here in Seymour to love on a family in the name of Jesus. It’s a beautiful thing to see how a common purpose can unite a family of believers from all walks of life and skill sets. Our growing family works together like one body, with one foot stepping, while another propels it forward. One hand strongly grips the tool, while the eyes guide its accuracy. The mouth heralds our Savior, while the arms embrace this beautiful family. A mouth, a hand, a foot–they’re all worthless without the complete body working together in harmony. There is no picture that can capture the beauty of what is happening in Seymour today, so for the first time since the first nail was driven, we’ll be visually silent today, and let our eyes gaze upon the one who saves us all.


With the exception of a half day in the garage, the sanding is finally over! There’s only so many pictures and updates I can give on sanding and mudding. It’s a long and dirty process, but it’s finally coming to a close.

Last night, a couple stayed a bit later than normal to texture the walls and ceiling so that primer could be sprayed early this morning (5am). The house is now prepped for color! Once the ceiling paint is sprayed and dried, the color will be rolled! Painting will likely wrap up by days end. Who would have guessed that, barely more than one week after framing began!?

God has been so good to us. He didn’t have to give us the weather He’s given us (62 degrees today). He didn’t have to send us more volunteers than we’ve had in year’s past. He didn’t have to send His Son to take the punishment for our own sin, but He has and He did. We are beyond blessed to be living and walking with Jesus. Our steps are guided and our path is lit. It was never promised to be an easy walk, but He always lights a way, no matter how dark the world is around us. Relying on Him to guide us is so much easier and fulfilling than navigating the shadows of darkness on our own.

I pray a light will shine bright along your path today, and that each step will lead to His glory.


Today I pulled up to the job-site and saw a little dormant tree, still living, but in a deep sleep for the winter. There really are no signs of life in the tree, but it will likely bloom next spring and become what it was created to be.

There is so much life in this particular corner lot in Seymour right now. Volunteers are actively living the way the Creator intended for them to live. They are loving and serving others, striving to be sweet in speech, guarding their hearts from the distractions of the world, acting as witnesses to the glory of of God, and sharing in fellowship with their Christian brothers and sisters. Sadly, this too, is just a season. Some may leave the site and shed their beauty in the hustle and bustle of daily life. They become dormant in their love, and lax in their obedience to the Father. They forsake the fellowship of others and try to face a season or more on their own.

Others, however, remain in the season of life and love. They continue to look for opportunities to serve in their own scope and reach in their daily life. They carefully guard their hearts from the world as if it’s sacred and worth protecting, and they embrace their own beloved family of believers who help them along a narrow path. These are truly the blessed ones, not because of their own diligence, but because of the joy and peace that comes from walking with the Lord through all seasons.

My prayer is that each volunteer, along with those they have come into contact with through their recent acts of service, will embrace a continuous season of life, and walk hand-in-hand with our Savior in all days–Home or away.

Little dormant trees are full of hope, just as every child of God bears hope and potential. However dormant one may lay, life is once again possible with the life-giving breath of the Lord. Next spring, this little tree will have beauty again, and so will the many who lay in a seemingly lifeless dormancy. They too can bear fruit once more, if only the desire of growth exists.