Coming soon!

Many of you have inquired about OFOP’s next relief project. I’m happy to inform you that an announcement is coming in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for that, and don’t forget to block your vacation time this year between November 28th and December 10th! See you soon!


The following link to our website indicates official closure for a project that had an impact on so many. In order to properly move on, it’s important that God’s faithfulness is once again recognized, and that He is praised for His provision.┬áHe knew who would step up to meet these needs long before we ever met the Cline family from Fairdale, and Andrew and Veronica from Cameron. He knew there were two needs, and He knew who would respond to those needs. He knew that hearts would be broken, and that communities would be impacted by His grace. He is the source of all blessings. The organization is nothing but a platform to shine the light of Christ to those around us. So, in short, the organization did nothing. It was He who did it all, and for that, we are so grateful.




I’ve used a lot of adjectives to describe whats been happening over the last 13 days in Cameron and in Fairdale, but I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing what happened today. The best I have is simple and short…it was life-changing.

It was life-changing for the five individuals who will have a new place to call home. It was life-changing for people in two seperate communities who witnessed or received love and compassion from strangers. Finally, it was life-changing for those of us who had a front row seat to watch the Lord bless these two beautiful families.  

Some may see the ministry of ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE existing for the sole purpose of building homes. As for the 150+ volunteers who worked on the jobsites over the last two weeks, and the 200+ that were present today at the two dedications, they all know better. They know the house is secondary to the real reason for our existence–to spread the message of Jesus Christ. It’s a story of redemption, and an undying love of a Father. Obvious parallels can be drawn at a time when broken property is made new, and when love for mankind is on display. This is a story best told and recieved when the goodness of the Lord is fully presented as Christ intended it to be presented–in an active manner. The love of Christ was in action today, and it was life-changing. 



You may have noticed that the number of updates and photos of the progress has been reduced. Well, that’s because we are officially in the”hidden treasure” stage of the project when we no longer allow the families to enter the house. The finishing touches are kept hidden from the homeowners until they walk through it for the first time this Saturday.  I’d be happy to show all of you folks pictures of the beautiful new homes, but I’m afraid the families may just peak on the blog and spoil the suprise!

I will, however, tell you that the flooring is installed, the paint is on the walls, and the final finishing touches are all that’s left. I hope you’ll all be present this Saturday at 10am in Fairdale, and at 2pm in Cameron!

Here are the addresses where the dedication ceremonies will take place:

Fairdale: 32414 West St, Kirkland, IL. (Fairdale does not have a post office so for GPS purposes, it’s a Kirkland address)

Cameron: 655 Railroad St, Cameron IL. 

See you Saturday!!



It’s going to be an emotional day Saturday, December, 12th! Our plan is to dedicate the Cline home in Fairdale at 10am that morning, and then head south to Andrew and Veronicas house in Cameron for a 2pm dedication. 

We hope you’ll be able to make it for a celebration like no other. It is a day that you’ll never forget!


I was asked by a young man today in Cameron why I took so many pictures on the jobsite. It’s a fair question and he had a pretty good follow-up, as well. He asked me if I was familiar with the bible verse about your left hand not knowing what your right hand was doing. I told him I was, and then I had a seat on the carpet next to him and we talked for a bit. He obviously had given it a good deal of thought, so I was going to give him the truth behind the pictures. 

I told Him the Holy Spirit called me for a very specific purpose, just like He’d called many others who were working here on this site today.Years ago, I was given a calling to be a voice for the afflicted and voiceless, and an encourager for those suffering from the chains of stagnant Christian living. I told him my pictures and videos of the families and towns who suffer are a direct response to that calling. I help tell their stories to the masses so a few can be encouraged to step in and respond as Christ would.  But yes, I also take pictures of volunteers. Not because they want me to, or because they want others to see them, but because Jesus is alive within them. Because His body is on the move and is working miracles through these people. I love taking pictures of Jesus, and I will continue to do so until I see Him face to face.