Burnside Fish & Brisket!

It’s that time of year again! George Link and our brothers and sisters from the Burnside Christian Church are hosting their annual fish and brisket dinner Saturday, September 24th, beginning at 6pm. The proceeds of this event will go towards our annual disaster relief build this fall/winter (location will soon be announced)!

Hope to see you all in Burnside for a delicious meal for a great cause!

Location: 2088 East County Rd. 2110, Burnside IL.

Overflowing blessings

The last couple of days, we’ve been praying for volunteers to show up this weekend to help with mudding. All God did today was give us one of the biggest volunteer days we’ve ever had. A group of about 30+ volunteers show up from Gateway Christian Church in Clarksville, Tennessee to join the crew for the day! The second coat of mud is already applied! This would have taken us most of the day to do and we’re done at 10:15am! While the crew waits for the fresh mud to dry, we’re heading to our host church in Waverly to complete some projects for them. God is so good!

Two needs

We are making quick progress in Waverly, but we have a couple very important needs to address.

1.) We need volunteers to show up Monday morning to help finish the home. Our volunteer numbers do tend to dwindle a bit for interior work, so we need people willing to install vinyl flooring, trim, and help with other finish work. Volunteers willing to work Monday-Wednesday would be a tremendous help!

2.) We still have an estimated financial need of $20,000 to fully fund the building materials. We do our best to collect enough to fund the project without leaving the homeowner with a an out-of-pocket financial obligation. We are getting closer, but our time in Waverly is drawing near an end. We’d ask that you join us in prayer that this financial need will be met.

Thank you all for your generosity and interest. These service projects would not be possible without your support. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.


The Waverly home is about to take its shape, for which it will likely stand for many decades. It will be a beautiful home, but the truth is, it’s just wood held together by nails. The real beauty of this project is that it represents the redemption of Christ. A broken community restored by broken men and women who have been restored themselves. Because of the restoration in the lives of those who serve today, tomorrow, and over the next two weeks, physical restoration takes place in Waverly. When the volunteers are all finished, the home will stand as a reminder that no man or woman can be lost beyond repair in the eyes of our Savior. Redemption sure is beautiful.

Day 2

Volunteers of all ages worked on the interior walls and sheeting today. Tomorrow after worship, trusses will go up, and they’ll be ready to roof when the rest of the team arrives on Monday!


We hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving. While most of our volunteers will show up in Waverly Monday, there are a few who will begin framing tomorrow!!! For those traveling during the next two weeks, as a reminder, you’ll need to bring your most comfy air mattress or cot! You’ll want to bring towels, bedding, and your normal toiletries. For any questions regarding traveling during week one, contact Brad Hunt at (309) 224-7444. If you’re traveling on week two, contact Ryan Johnson at (309)299-7926. Safe travels everyone!