We have something very special happening on Saturday, September 30th. Two of our largest independently held fundraising events are happening simultaneously in different counties! Crazy, right?!!

In Henderson County, the Stronghurst and Media community churches are hosting their annual chicken and noodle dinner for OFOP, and in Hancock County, George Link and the Burnside Christian Church are holding their annual fish fry, also for OFOP. 

While the simultaneous scheduling of these events by their respective planners were certainly not intentional, it is our belief that God will truly bless their efforts in a big way this year, and He’ll do it through people like you. 

September 30th has now become a night of prayer and communion. Beginning at exactly 4pm, we would ask that you join us from wherever you are, and go to the Lord in prayer, asking Him to bless the efforts of these volunteers that evening. We’ll be asking for God to once again work miracles in the hearts and lives of those involved   with this years project, including the donors, volunteers, the volunteer’s families, the people of the community we build in, and of course, the family who will be receiving the home. This is something you can do from your home, your work, the vehicle…literally wherever you are. It is prayer that has brought abundant blessings to this ministry, and it is prayer that will continue the work for years to come. 

If there are circumstances preventing you from praying at 4pm that night, pray earlier, later, and continuously throughout the evening.  We ask that you make a consious effort to keep an open dialogue with the Lord that night. 

Finally, we ask that you attend and commune with these fellow supporters and volunteers. Whichever event you choose to attend, attend with a deliberate intention to commune with the Lord, and with brothers and sisters in the faith. Pray alone, pray with others, go in the kitchen and pray with those who are serving the food. Walk a circle around the event as you pray for what is happening inside the walls.  Act as the Lord leads you to act, wherever and whatever that looks like!

Prayer is a gift that is too often overlooked and taken for granted. For at least this one night, we encourage you to keep it in the center of your mind. Perhaps it will lead to many more nights of communion and prayer. 

Brochures for both events are below. We truly hope to see you at one or both events, if for no other reason than to pray with us! God bless you all!

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19



The time has come! If you want to find out most or ALL of the details regarding this year’s disaster relief build, we’re having our Annual PreBuild meeting Monday, September 25th at 6pm at the Annex in LaHarpe.  We’ll be serving pizza and drinks so bring yourself, your friends, and your appetite! We encourage you to spread the word. See you then!


The time has come! It’s hard to believe it’s almost September again! This year’s family has been informed of our plans to help, housing accommodations have been solidified, and dates of the build are in our calendar. All that’s left is to share the details with our amazing volunteers and donors! But before we spill the beans at our annual pre-build meeting (coming soon, stay tuned for date and time), we want you to be aware of a familiar OFOP benefit that’s a little earlier this year. 

George Link and the fine people of the Burnside Christian Church will be holding their Fish, Chicken, and Brisket benefit Saturday, September 30th from 6:00-8:00pm. You don’t want to miss this! It’ll be the same great food, you’ll just get to enjoy it a little earlier this year! Mark your calendars now! See you soon!


This morning we received the heartbreaking news that our friend, Peggy Cline, from Fairdale, IL, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. As most of you know, Peggy and her husband Wayne were the recipients of one of the two Illinois disaster relief builds in 2015. 

Peggy was a true servant. Her entire life was dedicated to serving her family and community with love, patience, and kindness. Those of us lucky enough to have gotten to know her well during the exciting 4 month preparation and build quickly fell in love with her motherly way. She truly loved us, and we loved her back. 

The tears are flowing today as we come to the realization that we’ve lost her here on earth, but we have hope of a sweet reunion because of our Savior, and the impact He made on her life through His hands and feet here on earth. 

Please be in prayer for Wayne, Brian, Julie, and the rest of her family in this difficult time. 

Lord, may you be glorified for, among many other things, Peggy’s lasting impact on those around her. Please hug her for all of us who wish we had another opportunity to. Amen. 


OFOP’s physical address has changed. Please make a note of this to assure that your future contributions and/or correspondences reach us! As always, we appreciate your passion for service.

Our new address is:

2755 E. County Rd 1800, Carthage IL, 62321


Hello all! We hope you’re all having a great winter! Spring is just around the corner, and a local need has arisen in West Central Illinois. 

A Keisburg woman currently fighting her third battle with breast cancer, is in immediate need of a roof replacement. A few familiar OFOP  volunteers have a strong calling to assist with this need. Plans are being made for a one-day replacement, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 11th. This is not a ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE funded or organized project, but we want to encourage our generous volunteers and donors to get involved in this local service opportunity. 

For additional information about the fundraising or the project schedule, contact Pat at (309)221-1081. 

We really appreciate your prayerful consideration!


For those of you who want to see some of the finished product, I thought I’d give you some pics here to check out. My image space is limited on this blog platform, but I’ll put more on the OFOP Facebook page. Thank you all for making this beautiful home come to life.