We at ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE don’t spend a great deal of time focusing on money…maybe to a fault. Our leadership team has never really been fearful of coming up short of the need. We’ve always relied on the Lord to provide, and nothing we do is responsible for the miracle that happens each and every year. The credit is all His. But confidence in the Lord can be misconstrued, and if misinterpreted, it can diminish the need, and therefore diminish the miracle. So this post is about money. Why? Because we want the miracle to be seen.

To this date, we’ve collected almost exactly $70,000 of the needed $111,000 for building materials. That’s a shortage of $41,000 just three weeks prior to our scheduled dedication. This is the largest gap we’ve had to close in this amount of time. Are we confident in our Lord? ABSOLUTELY! Do we need your help? Yes!

What we need most from you is prayer. Join us in asking for the Lord to close this financial gap completely. Ask Him to open the floodgates and for Him to be glorified through the flow of funds. This is what we are praying for daily. We are telling you this need so you and others will see His grand work.

We appreciate your continued support. See you in Allerton!



The work has officially begun in Allerton, Iowa! The concrete crew is laying the foundation for what will soon become the Trout family’s home. The volunteer crew will come home for tomorrow’s auction in LaHarpe, and return with many more volunteers the Monday after thanksgiving! We hope to see you in Allerton soon!


We’ve been collecting some great items for this Saturday’s auction! We’ll have tools, electronics, guns, toys, baked items, and much more! You won’t want to miss this year’s spread! Come for a delicious brisket lunch between 11-1, and the auction will begin at 1pm sharp! We look forward to seeing you there!

Here’s one of the great items up for auction this year!


The Roseville Christian Church will be holding their annual OFOP Soup Supper Benefit, Wednesday, November 7th at 6pm. Christian entertainer, Steve Parker will entertain the crowd following the meal. We hope to see you at 215 W Broadway, in Roseville for some great food and fellowship!


Seven years ago when we were introduced to the family we’d eventually build for in Joplin, Missouri, the mother confidently exclaimed, “you just wait and see what God is going to do for our family.” God did something truly remarkable in the weeks that followed. He used a few average people to orchestrate the enormous task of raising the funds and volunteers to rebuild the family’s home. Furthermore, He used the Joplin project as a springboard to do the same for many other families in the few short years since, and countless others to come through the ministry of ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE. God moved mountains, and He continues to do so today.

This year’s mountain is no less daunting. Our volunteers will arrive in Allerton, Iowa in almost exactly one month. Prior to the completion of the two-week build, we’ll need to raise slightly over $60,000 in just ONE months time! It may seem impossible to some, but not for those who know the greatness of our God!

If we didn’t tell you the size of the mountain, you wouldn’t fully appreciate the climb. God is the master climber, and He will be glorified when He is, once again, at the summit.

We, at ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE, encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can be involved in this climb. God will use ordinary people like you to do extraordinary things! In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be given opportunities to take part in the fundraising effort. The first of which is this Sunday at the LaHarpe Christian Church for lunch. On November 7th, the Roseville Christian Church will be holding its Soup Supper to benefit OFOPs project. Our annual OFOP charitable auction will then be Saturday, November 10th. Information and times for all of these fundraisers are listed on our website at Prayers for the Trout family, the project, and the many volunteers and donors are always needed and appreciated. Just wait and see what God is going to do for our family!


This coming Sunday, October 28th, the LaHarpe Christian Church will be hosting a barbecue lunch fundraiser for OFOP at 12:15. Witches Rib BBQ will be catering the event, so come with an empty stomach! Following the lunch, OFOP representatives will give details of our upcoming build in Allerton, Iowa! We hope you’ll come to eat and hear about what the Lord is doing in Allerton later this winter!


The Stronghurst and Media community churches are once again hosting their chicken and noodle dinner at the Stronghurst United Methodists Church, at 120 S Elizabeth St in Stronghurst on Saturday, October 6th from 4:30-7pm. Menu includes Chicken and Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Applesauce, Rolls, and gobs of desserts! All proceeds will be donated to ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE’s upcoming project in Seymour, Iowa. Hope to see you there!